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World Rose Festival Presentations at Activity Central

Gardens are always abuzz with activity, and we gardeners are always eager to learn how to make a favoured plant grow stronger or to how solve a garden quandary. That's what Activity Central is all about. We're bringing local and visiting experts together to share their best garden advice with you. You won't want to miss these amazing sessions!

Visit regularly for our continually updated schedule of events, posted below, and read about the remarkable, renown, and rosy experts who will share their knowledge with you!

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Friday, June 19

3:00 pm Rambling Roses, Carol & Tony Quin
4:00 pm The Phenomenal "Flower Carpet" Rose Series, Cary van Zanten
5:00 pm A Rose Through a Child's Eyes, Alex Waterhouse-Hayward
6:00 pm Renewal Pruning with an Emphasis on Roses, Roy Jonsson
7:00 pm Rooftop Gardening, Patra de Silva
8:00 pm Discovering Why We Garden, Mike Lascelle

Saturday, June 20

10:00 am An Introduction to the Wonderful World of Composting and Beneficial Micro-organisms, James von Broembsen
12:00 pm Classic Roses in the Landscape, Peter and Amanda Beales
1:00 pm A Rose Through a Child's Eyes, Alex Waterhouse-Hayward
2:00 pm Growing Roses Naturally, Brad Jalbert
3:00 pm How to Create Eco-Inspired Gardens for Outdoor Living, Senga Lindsay
4:00 pm Floral Design Competition, Canadian Professional Floral Designers Association (CPFDA), Tracy Bell, Lindsay Campbell, Heather Logan, Susanne Law, Margaret Peters, Cecilia Roa, Donald Yim, Kevin Young
5:00 pm Earth Kind - The Next Generation of Rose Horticulture, Gaye Hammond
6:00 pm The Science Behind Earth-Kind Roses, Deborah B. Frost
7:00 pm Kordes' Roses of the Future, Thomas Proll
8:00 pm Rose Gardens of the World, Alec Globe

Sunday, June 21

10:00 am Avoiding the Summer Doldrums, Gary Lewis
11:00 am Edible Landscaping: have your garden and eat it too!, Carolyn Herriot
12:00 pm Companion Clematis for Your Roses, Sheena Adams
1:00 pm A Rose Through a Child's Eyes, Alex Waterhouse-Hayward
2:00 pm Roses Like Good Company, Ciscoe Morris
3:00 pm Floral Design Competition, CPFDA
4:00 pm World Rose Show Awards Presentation