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They aren't your granny's bloomers!

We asked our readers, and the faithful blog followers over at, if roses really do have a place in the modern garden. And to convince blogger Andrea Bellamy to change her mind about them!

Andrea asked, "So why do I have this prejudice against roses? In my head, they’re fussy divas that don’t offer a lot beyond the short time they’re in bloom. And as for how well they fit in a garden - like mine - that could never be described as “English” or “cottagey”? They just don’t go... I’d love to hear from you: do you think roses can be chic, easy, un-schmaltzy, and of value in an environmentally-conscious garden?"

Well, rose lovers everywhere clambered to respond! Of all the commenters, "Nancy" caught Andrea's attention with the following post, convincing the guerilla gardener to take a second look and find a place in her space for perhaps even just one rose.... And Brian Cole (post #62) had Andrea dabbing her eyes a bit--so he'll receive two tickets to the World Rose Festival as a runner-up prize.

For this message, Nancy receives two tickets to the World Rose Festival, June 19-21 at the Vancouver Convention Centre, plus $100 in roses from Brad Jalbert's Select Roses!

oh oh oh!!! (waves hand in the air manically!)
roses can be part of the modern garden because a modern garden can mix the old and new.
i love the lines and simplicity of a modern garden with addition of one or two antique (org - old garden) roses.
i never had a thing for roses till i discovered ogr's, their smell and look and the fact that attar of rose is super expensive. that got me studying to find some for my space.
abe darby is absolutely fuss free and wonderful - gives blooms nearly all year and is a modern version of an old rose, mme isaac perier is the most amazing smelling old garden rose with quite freakishly modern color of magenta blooms! did i mention it climbs nicely onto a modern fence and smells like raspberries? imagine that carried on a warm and humid vancouver afternoon. yum!

then there is mme hardy which i own… this rose is like a long lost treasure…blooms in perfectly cupped neat little white blooms with button like green eyes and smells like honey!!! it only blooms once a year but it’s worth the waiting and excitement.
not to mention roses attract humming birds and bees to the garden and as a modern gardener we are all about restoring bees and beneficial insects to our environment in the city. modern isn’t just about slick design, it’s about intelligently mixing in elements that have purpose.

have i got you convinced yet? :-D

of course, i must admit i don’t really care much for long stemmed roses of the 80’s, plastic like looking roses that look like flesh and those that do not smell!
check out paul barden’s roses when you get a chance to see what i’m talking about when i say i love roses and they do indeed have a place in every garden!

ps - some roses need winter protection if in pots and left outside in the open, i sadly lost two that way this year… :-(

pps - i make rose preserve out of wild rose petals like my grandma did in europe… as did the women before her…ok, maybe that’s not so modern, haha, but oh it tastes like heaven especially during our depressing winters. you can also use the rose preserve in your tea, or in your baking! it is absolutely divine! also rose hips are a very high source of vitamin c and flavinoids. go roses!