Rose Articles

May was a Wonderful Month!

By Brenda Viney, Vancouver Rose Society

vase of rosesAt the beginning of May, I talked about taking a final look at your roses to see if any of them were going to make a comeback from the dead! As it turns out, quite a few in my garden did just that. On May 17th, I was about to shovel prune a nice David Austin rose, William A. Morris, that was not showing a comeback…when lo and behold, there were 2 nice new shoots coming from just below the soil. A week earlier and he would have been out so it pays to show some patience in the garden! Any other year and I would have been making that decision in April, but not this year.

The remainder of May ended up giving us some hope that we will indeed have a fabulous show of June blooms – the warm, dry days interspersed with a few rainy ones (a great fertilizer for roses!) made the month a great one for rosarians. The lushness of the entire garden and the rate at which the pruned-to-the-ground roses have rebounded is a wonderful sight.

Other than a bit of damage to larger shrubs and trees and the loss of a few shrubs such as Hebe and some Lavender, the garden has come through in spades. The lilacs have had more bloom than I’ve ever seen and most plants are growing like they thought there might not be a tomorrow. I guess Mother Nature does know a thing or two about selective pruning!

Enjoy your June rose garden as it will be a truly magnificent month of roses.