Rose Articles

Movers and Shakers

By Elaine A. Senft ... aka Ramblin' Rose

Do you remember when you were a kid in school, and the teacher said, "Draw something, anything that makes you happy!" I would start sketching out a garden, my safe haven...away from the hub-bub of life and on into another world!

Growing roses is my way of putting paint to canvass...As I had said, in my previous write-up, I have been growing roses for easily twenty-five years now. Moving the house-eaters (the rambling, scrambling, specimens that can devour a house in a matter of three to five years...the idea is to be in charge, and let them know who's really the boss! Ha, ha. You kind of know, when you first plant them...oh, you tell them, grow up through the trees.

white roseWell, I'll let you in on a time when I found one of my house-eaters, Rosa Sinowilsonii "Wedding Day", a beautiful, floriferous rose, single white, lemony-orangey fragrance, supposedly told by the boss to climb into this dead tree. Now, keep in mind, this was in my front garden on the street side. The canes easily had to be 15 feet long, every inch covered in prickles or wonder they call this the "blood sport"! I noticed her wandering over to my neighbour's didn't take long for me to yell out loud "No way!"

So I rolled up my sleeves, took one look at those thorns, and rolled down my sleeves...found the biggest shovel I could manage...began to search for the base of the rose, and dug in! I fought with her, tangled with her, all fifteen feet of her...I felt like Captain Nemo struggling with the octopus!

Then I dragged the rose, hanging onto the root mass, which I managed to set free with the shovel, proceeded to walk slowly to the back garden, and planted her. Darn it, I knew where her new home would be, but forgot to dig the hole! Oh, gosh, now what? Here I was, all wrapped up in this precious specimen, attempting to dig a hole! Between the long tears in my shirt and the holes in my head, I managed to get her settled in her new abode. Do you know that I totally forgot to cut her back for transplanting (you'd think a normal person would do that, wouldn't you?), not me, the boss, remember?

To this day, Wedding Day puts on a glorious show for sometimes two months (even though she's one big flush), and every once in a while, I think about the movin' and the shakin' I did! By the way, I haven't had any bright ideas about moving one of these big guys or ladies! Speaking of the house-eaters, I grow about seventeen of them, and they haven't devoured our home as yet...give them time, give them time! So when I told a Rosarian friend of mine of this episode....he said, "What?"