Rose Articles

We all fall down

by Elaine Senft (Ramblin' Rose).

snowy roseThis has been quite the winter! Never have I seen the likes of falling snow, day after day, night after night. Blame the erratic weather patterns on Mother Nature. She seems most upset lately. I would venture to guess the recent effects of mankind and his quick fixes on our environment have her attention. Anyhow, we chose to live in this part of the world, so existing with whatever comes our way is just part of the package deal. I don't really remember having to worry quite so much when it comes to our roses. I grow mostly the Old Garden ones, the tenacious warriors, so you would think nothing could touch these beauties! Well almost all of my collection are intact. The arbours, trellises, and arches are the victims of this vengeance. Day by day incessant falling snow weighing down the climbers, thus slowly crushing the garden structures, one by one. This whining of mine is beginning to sound like a funeral dirge....Each day I would try to access my garden, but first I would practically burrow through six to seven foot mounds of snow, just to arrive on the other side. Once there, I would try to move the broken structure, although this variety of the white stuff was hard as a rock. Forget that, let's attack this another way. I know, go back into your warm abode and wait until you can see the green stuff, the lawn, that is. Remember the lawn? If you are getting exhausted from reading this.........think of me and others, who have sore necks, arms, and legs, from attempting to restructure their gardens. Let''s hope next winter doesn't even show up!