Frequently Asked Questions about the World Rose Festival

All about Roses

I would love to learn more about growing roses in Vancouver. Any ideas?

Plan to attend the Festival, and circle the "Meet the Expert" area as a destination. In the meantime, several of our local rose experts are contributing articles about roses. Read the blog and the rose articles and then meet the writers at the Festival.

Festival Basics

When is the Rose Festival?

Friday, June 19 / 2:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Saturday, June 20 / 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday, June 21 / 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Are there hotels near the Festival?

There are a myriad of hotels within 4 blocks of the Vancouver Convention Centre (VCC). In fact, there are over 13,000 hotel rooms within walking distance. Visit Tourism Vancouver’s website for a complete list of hotels, motels, B&B, and hostels.

How can I get more information about attending the Festival?

Browse through the Rose Festival Website. If your questions are not answered there, contact Sea to Sky Meeting Management, the Festival’s Secretariat.

How can I get more information on sponsoring the Festival?

Simply contact Sea to Sky Meeting Management at 1-604-984-6439 or via email at We can provide all the details for this great opportunity.

Getting There & Getting Around

What is the best way to get to the Festival?

The VCC is easily accessible by car, foot, bike, and public transit (bus, Seabus and Skytrain).

Print our downtown map to use as a guide.

Visit for detailed information.

Where can I park and how much is it?

Parking is available directly underneath the VCC, operated by Citipark. It costs approximately $20 per day.. Other parking lots are located nearby that require a short walk, and costs can vary from $10 to $20 per day. These are located at:

Where is the handicap parking at the VCC?

Handicap parking is available at the VCC'’s Citipark. The elevators providing access to the Festival are fully accessible.

Is the VCC accessible to wheelchairs?

The VCC has wheelchair services, accessible elevators, accessible restroom stalls, unisex restrooms to accommodate a guest with special requirements and their attendant and varying height public telephones including a sit-down TTY unit.

Are strollers allowed at the Festival?

The Festival organizers are looking forward to seeing lots of kids and babies at the Festival. Make sure to “stroll” by the Kids’ Area.

Do I need a passport to get into Canada from the US?

As of June 1, 2009, Americans will need a passport or other accepted documents to enter Canada and to return to the US after their visit. Visit for more information. To learn more about the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, visit


Spring is busy in my business. Why should I spend my time and resources on a garden show in June?

Fact—According to Statistics Canada, gardening is the #1 hobby in Canada, well ahead of running, bicycling, and golfing. In Canada, gardening is a $3.36 billion industry, of which British Columbia accounts for 24%.

While those statistics are already astonishing, market watchers predict that the popularity of gardening will see a resurgence among baby boomers (about a third of the population, boomers are near or freshly retired with new-found free time on their hands) but more importantly, among young people (Gen-Xers make up nearly another third of the population), as they become more environmentally conscious and aware of their ability to grow organic food just steps away from the dinner table (adding ornamental plants, including roses, is a natural and quick progression!). Garden and companion businesses find themselves optimally positioned to re-invent gardening and facilitate its rediscovery within the 25-45 year old demographic. The World Rose Festival is timed to coincide with a peak in the public’s appetite for gardening so that you can ride the wave of seasonal popularity and extend May’s strong sales into summer.

Further, “staycations” are becoming the leisure activity of choice, which encourages home and garden-based pursuits. With a reduction in travel plans, mid- to late- June has families pondering ways to play, entertain, and relax during the summer months. By participating in the World Rose Festival, you can remind them how welcoming their backyards can be!

How do you know that this one-time show will be so popular?

Take a gardening event that is ideally located in a rain-or-shine venue. Couple it with public curiosity to see the newly expanded Vancouver Convention Centre under its six-acre green roof. Add an enticing theme—roses!—and throw in an established garden and home show following that yearns for a June event. The World Rose Festival is bound to be a hit!

How can I get more information on having a booth at the Festival’s Marketplace?

Visit the Exhibitor page. The Exhibitor Brochure is available as a PDF. Simply contact Sea to Sky Meeting Management at 1-604-984-6439 or via email at to request your copy.

How do I bring plants and goods across the border?

If you are an exhibitor who needs to bring plants and goods cross the Canadian border, visit Crossing Borders for more information. If you are interested in exhibiting at the World Rose Show (that is part of the World Rose Convention 2009), visit Roses Crossing Borders for more information.

What can I buy at the Festival?

Visit the Marketplace for choice roses, companion plants, gifts & accessories. The Marketplace page hosts a listing of which artisans, floral shops, and specialty suppliers will be exhibiting.