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Sponsor, Advertise & Exhibit at the World Rose Festival

The World Rose Festival is being held indoors at the newly expanded Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on June 19-21, 2009. This one-time event will provide an opportunity for an expected 15,000 visitors from throughout British Columbia and North America’s West Coast to experience the Rose in its many forms. Visitors will learn about growing roses in the mixed garden using informal, easy care earth friendly gardening techniques. They will admire, purchase and enjoy numerous other components of the Festival, such as:

Why should I spend my time and resources on a garden show in June?

Fact—According to Statistics Canada, gardening is the #1 hobby in Canada, well ahead of running, bicycling, and golfing. In Canada, gardening is a $3.36 billion industry, of which British Columbia accounts for 24%.

While those statistics are already astonishing, market watchers predict that the popularity of gardening will see a resurgence among baby boomers (about a third of the population, boomers are near or freshly retired with new-found free time on their hands) but more importantly, among young people (Gen-Xers make up nearly another third of the population), as they become more environmentally conscious and aware of their ability to grow organic food just steps away from the dinner table (adding ornamental plants, including roses, is a natural and quick progression!).

How do you know that this one-time show will be so popular?

Take a gardening event that is ideally located in a rain-or-shine venue. Couple it with public curiosity to see the newly expanded Vancouver Convention Centre under its six-acre green roof. Add an enticing theme—roses!—and throw in an established garden and home show following that yearns for a June event. The World Rose Festival is bound to be a hit.

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Get involved as a Volunteer

The World Rose Convention and Festival would like to thank the 200 volunteers who are dedicating their time to ensuring the events run smoothly and everyone gets to enjoy the Rose to its fullest!

Why not plan your volunteer shifts around a lecture or demonstration you'd like to see? Organize a group from work or from a social club. Scheduling is flexible - morning, afternoon or evening shifts are available.

In order for us to get to know you better, we would like to learn a bit about your skills, experiences and interests. This way, we can match you with a task that will be a good fit and ensure that your World Rose Festival experience is a wonderful one.

Register your interest to volunteer online.

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at Sea to Sky Meeting Management (the Festival Secretariat), for more information.