23rd Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hypertension - Vancouver, Canada  September 26-30, 2010
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Organizers / Contact Us

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Meeting Secretariat
All enquires about ISH 2010 can be directed to:

Kaitlin Beca
Meeting Coordinator
c/o Sea to Sky Meeting Management Inc.
Suite 206, 201 Bewicke Avenue,
North Vancouver, BC, Canada, V7M 3M7

Tel: + 1 604-984-6448
Fax: +1 604-984-6434
Email: info@vancouverhypertension2010.com

If you would like to be added to the email list to receive updates about ISH 2010, please send an email to info@vancouverhypertension2010.com requesting to be added.


Executive Organizing Committee

Dr. Simon Rabkin, President, Vancouver, Canada
Dr. Arun Chockalingam, Secretary General, Vancouver, Canada
Dr. Catherine Pang, Treasurer, Vancouver, Canada
Dr. Venkat Gopalakrishnan, CHS Liaison, Saskatoon, Canada

National Advisory Committee

Dr. Norm Campbell, Calgary, Canada
Dr. Ross Feldman, London, Canada
Dr. George Fodor, Ottawa, Canada
Dr. Pavel Hamet, Montreal, Canada
Dr. Pierre Larochelle, Montreal, Canada
Dr. Frans Leenen, Ottawa, Canada
Dr. Richard Lewanczuk, Edmonton, Canada
Dr. Martin Myers, Toronto, Canada
Dr. Ernesto Schiffrin, Montreal, Canada

Industrial Relations Committee

Dr. Martin Myers (Chair), Canada
Dr. Kikuo Arakawa, Japan
Dr. George Bakris, USA
Dr. Lawrence Leiter, Canada
Dr. Pierre Moreau, Canada
Dr. Toshio Ogihara, Japan
Dr. Arya Sharma, Canada
Dr. William B White, USA

Canadian Hypertension Society

Dr. Michael Adams, Kingston, Canada
Dr. Marcel Lebel, Quebec City, Canada
Dr. James Van Huysse, Kingston, Canada

International Society of Hypertension

Dr. A.M. Heagerty, President, United Kingdom
Dr. T. Fujita, Vice President, Japan
Dr. S. Harrap, Secretary and President-Elect, Australia
Dr. L. Burrell, Treasurer, Australia
Dr. E.L. Schiffrin, Officer at Large, Canada
Dr. L.H. Lindholm, Immediate Past President, Sweden
Dr. R. H. Fagard, Chair, Low & Middle Income Countries, Belgium
Dr. John Hall, Chair, Research Foundation, USA
Dr. Rhian Touyz, Chair, Membership Committee, Canada

Program Committee

Dr. Ming-Fong Chen, Taiwan
Dr. Cheryl Dennison, USA
Dr. Kim Elmslie, Canada
Dr. Martha Franco, Mexico
Dr. Guido Grassi, Italy
Dr. Rajeev Gupta, India
Dr. Vladimir Hachinski, Canada
Dr. Steven Haffner, USA
Dr. John Hall, USA
Dr. Stephen Harrap, Australia
Dr. David Harrison, USA
Dr. Soon Pyo Hong, Korea
Jacquelyn Jayasinghe, MN, RN-NP, Canada
Dr. Darwin Labarthe, USA
Dr. Daniel Lemogoum, Cameroon
Dr. Liu Lisheng, China
Dr. Rhonda Low, Canada
Dr. Wael Al Mahmeed, United Arab of Emirates
Dr. Ricky Man, China
Dr. Shanthi Mendis, Switzerland
Dr. Carlos J Pirola, Argentina
Dr. Neil Poulter, United Kingdom
Dr. Rhian Touyz, Canada
Dr. Thomas Unger, Germany
Dr. J.R. Viskoper, Israel
Dr. Corliee Watters, Canada
Dr. Zhaosu Wu, China
Dr. Dingliang Zhu, China

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