23rd Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hypertension - Vancouver, Canada . September 26-30, 2010
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Program Highlights

Meet with the world’s leading scientific and medical specialists to address the current state of knowledge and research in Cardiovascular Health at ISH 2010.

ISH 2010 will have three program tracks: Basic Science, Clinical Science and Public Health/Population Science. We are pleased to highlight the following symposium presenters, from different parts of the world, who will speak on exciting topics of recent interest.

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Basic Science

Rapid Steroid Signaling Pathways:

Dr. Ross Feldman, RW Gunton Professor of Therapeutics, Departments of Medicine and of Physiology & Pharmacology, The University of Western Ontario, Canada
“Choreographing the Rapid Vascular Effects of Steroids: Sorting out the Partners and the Steps”

Dr. John Funder, Department of Medicine, Monash University, Australia
Reconsidering the Roles of the Mineralocorticoid Receptor”

Dr. Fredrik Leeb-Lundberg, Lund University in Sweden
“Rapid Steroid Effects in Hypertension: Role of GPR30”

Dr. Ross Feldman Dr. John Funder Dr. Fredrik Leeb-Lundberg
Dr. Ross Feldman Dr. John Funder Dr. Fredrik Leeb-Lundberg

Lipid Signaling in Vacular Disease (Focus on Sphingolipids):

Prof. Sarah Spiegel, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
“Overview of Sphingolipid Signalling (Ceramide and Sphingosine)”

Prof. Markus van der Giet, Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany
“Relevance and Potential of Sphingosine-1-Phosphate for the Vascular System”

Prof. Steffen Bolz, University of Toronto, Canada
“Role of sphingosine-1-phosphate phosphohydrolase 1 in the regulation of resistance artery tone”

Prof. Sarah Spiegel Prof. Markus van der Giet Prof. Stephan Bolz
Prof. Sarah Spiegel Prof. Markus van der Giet Prof. Steffen Bolz

Vascular Aging:

Prof. Edward Lakatta, National Institutes of Health, USA
“Molecular Mechanisms of Cardiac and Vascular Aging”

Prof. Geoffrey Pickering, Robarts Research Institute, University of Western Ontario, Canada
“Cellular Enzymes Regulating Lifespan: Implications for Prevention of Vascular Disease”

Prof. Abraham Aviv, the Center of Human Development and Aging UMDNJ, New Jersey Medical School, USA
“Teleomere Length and Hypertension and Vascular Disease”

Edward Lakatta Geoffrey Pickering Abraham Aviv
Prof. Edward Lakatta Prof. Geoffrey Pickering Prof. Abraham Aviv

Clinical Science

Dietary Approaches in Management of Cardiovascular Risk:

Prof. Lawrence Appel, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, USA
“Dietary Approaches to Prevent and Treat Hypertension”

Prof. Susan Barr, University of British Columbia, Canada
“Value, Utility and Limitations of Food Guides in Attaining Cardiovascular Health”

Prof. Lawrence Appel Prof. Susan Barr
Prof. Lawrence Appel Prof. Susan Barr

Hypertension in the Elderly

Prof. Liu Lisheng, President, World Hypertension League & Chinese Hypertension League, Cardiovascular Institute and Fu Wai Hospital, China
“Hypertension in the Elderly: Overview”

Prof. Raymond Townsend, Director, Hypertension Program, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, USA
“Hypertension in the Elderly: Considerations of arterial compliance and consequences on the kidney“

Prof. Chris Bulpitt, Hammersmith Hospital, United Kingdom
“What is the Threshold and Target for Treatment of hypertension in the elderly?”

Liu Lisheng Raymond Townsend Chris Bulpitt
Prof. Liu Lisheng Prof. Raymond Townsend Prof. Chris Bulpitt

Public Health/Population Science

This section will be updated as information becomes available.

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