Sea to Sky Meeting Management supports the work of associations and organizes exceptional events, conferences and exhibitions for clients all over the world.

Events and support as unique as you are

Your conference, exhibition, or event has to be unique, it has to avoid breaking the bank, and it has to run like clockwork. That’s where Sea to Sky Meeting Management comes in. We offer a complete range of conference, exhibition, association management and registration services, and we’ll make it all happen on time and on budget; guaranteed.

What we can do for you

From creative inception to final wrap up, we’ve got it covered. Wondering about marketing and promotion to increase attendance? We can help with that. What about the venue, the speakers, the sponsorship sales, the finances and the registrations? We’ll take care of those issues too. We also offer a comprehensive range of association management services tailored to your specific needs.

Our expertise

Sea to Sky has been helping associations our clients thrive and designing outstanding conferences and events since 2001. We’re fast, efficient and creative. Our senior professionals will work closely with you to devise experiences that exceed your highest expectations. To find out more, have a look around our website, or contact Sarah Lowis, President directly.

See what we are working on now and what we have worked on in the past.

Sea to Sky’s Spotlight

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